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    1. Brand new composite hose technology, strong production capacity

      Introduce the world's advanced hose production equipment

      Automation and innovation: The advancement of science and technology and sophisticated equipment provide the most powerful guarantee for the quality of our products. We have introduced advanced production and testing equipment from abroad. Each production process is equipped with a computerized control device, which has achieved high speed, precision, safety, and hygiene, thereby improving product quality.

      Hardware equipment: win the market with quality, create high-quality products with high-quality equipment; complete hardware equipment, assembly line production mode; standardized management, high-quality scientific and technical personnel; the achievement of generations of high-quality products.

      Enterprise Strength · Quality Assurance: If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. We have always worked hard to perfect our "weapon" to win the market. Today, we have built a clean, spacious and orderly production workshop in a modern factory area, introduced internationally advanced production equipment and production technology, and formed the best integrated assembly line. This is exactly what has allowed us to improve production efficiency while also improving quality, and ultimately expand our competitive advantage and win the market.

      Quality Assurance

      Excellent Team

      Talents are Tensoar's most precious wealth. They have created high-quality products and perfect services to create value for the company. Therefore, Tensoar regards talents as the source of corporate competitiveness, and attaches importance to talents as the core of human resource management. Cultivating talents is every management. The mission of the author is to create talents while manufacturing products.

      Online customer service